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Social Responsibility

Firdaus Memorial Charity & Education Trust (Functioning for Amrut School and Firdaus Amrut Centre) believes that Social responsibility is an ethical theory that an entity, be it an organization, Institution or individual, has an obligation to act to benefit society at large.

Social responsibility is a duty of every individual or organization. An Institution has to perform so as to maintain a balance between the economy and the ecosystem.

Firdaus memorial Charity & Education Trust is into charity for many years in the way of educating children’s, development of children’s.

Trust provide education to needy children who need economic support to continue their education also provides school fees, books and uniforms of children studying in other schools whose parents are not financially sound.

Trust doing charity and other social activities like:

  • Grain Donation
  • Medicine donation and medical help to needy people
  • Gives Concession or 100% relief in School fees to students
  • Educational and Medical Help

Trust believes in employee welfare and espoused the principles of an eight-hour working day, free medical aid, workers' provident scheme also does activities towards health, education and nutrition programs for children and women, adult literacy and vocational training initiatives.

Trust is a non-profit organization and whatever fee is collected from the students of Amrut School & Amrut Centre out of this 50% is reinvested in the development of the school Infrastructure by providing the Facilities and upgrading equipments which is required for the Best Education.

Charity and other social activities

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